Huntsville International Help Center

The Huntsville International Help Center is a Ministry. We serve as volunteers to Hispanics in need of assistance in Huntsville Alabama. We provide information and referral and other services. If you need more information please email us at 

The Huntsville International Help Center is also serving in the Dominican Republic with Mission/Cultural Travel groups. 

Mission: The Huntsville International Help Center Inc. (Centro de Ayuda) is an Evangelical Organization created to serve the practical needs of our community, especially immigrants and Puerto Ricans that communicate mainly in Spanish. Our aim is to provide information and directions to resources that will improve their quality of life and arm them with resources to be productive member of our society. Through all our activities we share the gospel message of Christ and bring people into the kingdom of God, serving their spiritual needs, as well as the practical needs they have.

Vision: To expand the mission to other states, Puerto Rico and other countries

About us: The Huntsville International Help Center Inc. (Centro de Ayuda) was founded and has been serving since September 25, 2007. One June 7, 2017 we became incorporated. We are a 501c3 nonprofit religious organization. The HIHC works with other ministries, organizations and business.
Services: Benevolence, Interpretation, Translations, Information & Referrals, Education, Bible Studies, Welcome to Alabama workshop, Health Fairs, Home Visits, ESL and conversational English, GED classes information. Information on prenatal and parenting classes, Assistance to victims of domestic violence,

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Huntsville International Help Center, Inc. (Centro de Ayuda)
P.O. Box 1843
Huntsville AL 35807